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Wanna figure some sh*t out? Me, too!

Hey gang, I have never been shy about my interest in “finding my way”. I am always babbling on about the metaphysical world and that we have a say in our happiness and peace; I do believe that we are … Continue reading

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I quit a job last week…. And I’m thrilled!

My mother always told me to do the right thing. Don’t make knee-jerk decisions and always have a back up plan (aka don’t ever leave a job before having another one) . She meant well, but my mother gave me … Continue reading

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Thanks for the message Robin Williams…and goodnight.

I just found out that Robin Williams is dead. At the age of 63. Unconfirmed reports are suicide. Sad. However his life ended, the message that it sends is still the same. Here was a man who SEEMINGLY had it … Continue reading

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Age is just rings on a tree, baby…..

Scene 1. Luxuriating in my ridiculously small bathtub the other day, I found a rather long black hair behind my knee. I don’t mean to be gross. IT wasn’t gross like a whisker out of a witches nose or anything, … Continue reading

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Family can be a real b*tch

Hey gang, It is Sunday, June 15th tomorrow. A date that has changed dramatically for me over the years. Now it is just another day, and I’m very happy about that. I’ve written about Father’s Day in the past but … Continue reading

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You are welcome to hate…but have all the facts.

This one is for the haters….(if you are a lover, you can read it, too, but this note is for the folks who are misinformed and very angry at me about the Lindsay Lohan thing). Well, first, I have to … Continue reading

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Christmas blog

Hey gang, Sorry, been a while. Here is my annual Christmas blog. I have a love/hate thing going on with this time of year. I adore the level of humanity that comes out this time of year…..people really do step … Continue reading

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