About me?


scared of spiders, needles, and death…..

animal lover (volunteered for Circle F Horse rescue for 4 years)….

have been a radio announcer for 21 years…..

was the weather girl on the local tv station in the early 90s….

i have a cat named Abby. I used to have Kramer and Ollie. Kramer lived to 16 and was the absolute love of my life. Animals can give you things that people can’t. One day i hope to have my own animal rescue….

I have the ugliest feet in the world. It’s ok, because i’ve got a pretty good ass…and who sees your feet, really?

my fave color is purple.

I have a thing about good table manners. Beaten into me by my parents.

I have a brother named Tim. My mother is 76 and lives not far from me. We all live in Vancouver.

I grew up wanted to be a professional freestyle skier.

My first hollywood crush was Nic Cage in Valley Girls, the first boy i ever loved was named Chester, and the one i let get away was named Dean.

I hate housework, I love my garden, and i hope you all have a nice day.




5 Responses to About

  1. SLM says:

    Catching up on Supernatural via Netflix. I got super excited to see you back in season 6. Then they took you away again. My heart will NOT go on…I feel like I was teased! You’re such a badass chick with a gun. If I’m ever in B.C. could we pleassssssse have drinks? K, thanks 🙂

  2. GMH says:

    Sam, You rock! Whether it’s Supernatural or The 4400. We are fans!! Does it count even if I’m not Canadian?????

  3. Ray Pfountz says:

    Ms. Ferris, I have been following your work for years. Hell, as far as age goes we’re peers. You’ve done a damn good job entertaining us. Of course my personal favorite role you played was in Supernatural. You were born with natural talent. Thank you for the diversion from real life your work has provided. I was reading about you decision to have a breast reduction. I personally believe you are in perfect form, however, if this procedure will make you happier about your appearance and lifestyle, then you have my support. I know you have thousands of fans and have probably heard this rhetoric hundreds of times, however, I hope you get to read this. You have earned a fan. By the way, there is a Con coming to my hometown of St. Louis Missouri this year. If you feel up to it and can attend, I know you would be welcomed with open arms. For now, take care, heal well and I wish nothing but happiness, health and serenity this coming year. God Bless. Your fan, Ray

  4. authoraamir says:

    #God bless. #Ellen is one of my all-time favourite characters in #TV.

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