I quit a job last week…. And I’m thrilled!

My mother always told me to do the right thing. Don’t make knee-jerk decisions and always have a back up plan (aka don’t ever leave a job before having another one) . She meant well, but my mother gave me the ‘scarcity’ vibe; ‘there’s not enough’ ‘you’ll go broke’ ‘keep a job no matter what’ ‘you may hate it but it’s better than not having one’.

Thanks mum, but that is a load of shit.

I quit a job last week. Completely out of the blue. It was one if those lucid moments where I found myself in a toxic situation and thought, ‘Sam… This is bullsh*t. You don’t need this. No one does. Life is short. Don’t waste another second on this garbage’. So I didn’t. And I’m thrilled.

You go through all the same feelings quitting a job as you do when breaking up: elation, guilt, anger, relief, sorrow, etc…. And one of those feelings should be empowerment.

We work 35% of our lives. Unless you are living in horrible circumstances, you have a choice over what you do for work. Don’t do something you hate. No one can force you into a job you hate. I get it, there is fear around the unknown…what if it doesn’t work? How will I pay my rent/mortgage? How will I survive? But how about looking at it another way…

I believe you can be, have, and do whatever you choose in this life. Call it what you want…. Science of mind, manifest destiny, etc…. Jim carrey is onto it. He talks about it. Your thoughts and emotions have power. Vibration. Whatever you have going on in yer thoughts, will be attracted to you. Now, you don’t have to believe in the same things I do, but consider a few things….

Hate your job? Want a new career? Just start seeing it. Imagine it. Feel it. Visualize it. If you don’t want to quit, don’t, but start getting yer mind in the right mood. Very important: Say, ‘I am….’. Fill in the blank..Whatever it is you want. Jim Carrey wrote himself a 7 figure check long before he was famous. He continued to look at that check, imagining and feeling what it would feel like. It came true in spades. He never doubted it.

Stop thinking about the shitty job and start thinking about what you really want…imagine it… Play with it. Keep yer mind on what you DO want and off of what you DON’T want. Even if it feels fake. Use your imagination. And be persistent.

Am I worried about work? Nope. As long as I keep my mind focused on the positive outcome, I know it’s coming along any minute now. Takes a lot of practice, and a bit of the ‘trust in the universe’ thing, but your life will shift if the direction of your prominent thoughts. Again, you don’t have to accept it the same way I do, but just play with the idea that you are powerful and that you can change your life as long as you focus on the positive outcome.

And btw… I’m not the innovator of this concept. A greatly intelligent man once explained that to change your reality you just change the vibration (frequency) of your thoughts. Match the frequency of your thoughts with what you want and “you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy, this is physics”. It was Albert Einstein. He knew his stuff.

And for god’s sake, believe in yourself. Know that you are worthy, deserving, and loveable. We all are, it’s just that some of the negative programming we got a loooong time ago (that we are flawed and unworthy), got into our little brains, and we’ve hung onto that message ever since. Getting rid of THAT is a bitch, and yer always working on it. But it is manageable.

Life is short. We are here to live and experience a wonderful 80 or so years. It’s up to you how you spend those years. Don’t listen to others, do what drives you, gives you passion, feels ‘right’. You can change direction at any moment. Life is great that way. Overnight, I decided at 28 I wanted to become a professional actor. And I did. Don’t like what’s going on? Change it but remember, YOU have be the change, and it comes from your thoughts, beliefs and expectations. It takes a bit if work but soooo worth it.

Ok. That’s my ‘Oprah Moment’ for the day.

I’m off to manifest some good stuff!

Be well.


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23 Responses to I quit a job last week…. And I’m thrilled!

  1. I’ve done that before! It is such an immense relief to leave a job like that. Good for you 🙂

  2. Cas Wanden says:

    I needed this today. I’m currently in Vancouver trying to imagine myself into an acting career, and it’s not easy. This post is the encouragement I need on a pretty crap Monday, and I think I’m gonna try to accomplish something this week. Even if it’s only putting in one more application.

    You gave me great advice when we met in Wellington, too. I’m not sure if you remember me – I’m Steven’s friend Caroline. I’m gonna keep following your blog, you have all these little bits of wisdom that I love 🙂

  3. Emma says:

    Wow… You know for someone like you it’s easy to be this positive.

    Try living in a country where getting a job is nearly impossible and even if you do get one you have barely enough to pay your bills and feed yourself (not to mention if you have a child or children).

    Trust me you’d rather shovel shit all day than have no job.

    And in that situation you can be a positive thinker all you want, you can say I’m… whatever, you can want to change all you want but at the end of the day you will shovel shit until the day you drop dead. And if you try quitting, or not worrying about your job or money you and your family might end up on the street.

    That’s reality and not what you live in with a bank account that can easily support you if you don’t have a job for a few months.

    And no I’m not the jealous type, some people have better lives, better opportunities than others and jealousy wouldn’t change that. I’m just saying, a person in your situation will never understand how ‘normal’ everyday people live and how most of them can’t even imagine to just up and quit because they hate their jobs.

    • samferris says:

      And that is exactly the attitude that you will keep you there, my dear. You keep throwing that out there so that is all you are going to get in return. It’s your choice. But if you want to fly free and have a great life, you can. It’s totally up to you! Two books that could help you get out of this closed off space that you are in: ‘Three Magic Words’ by US Andersen. And Pam Grout’s ‘ E Squared’. Dare to dream…and good luck!

      • Emma says:

        How exactly do you think positive thinking and self help books would help when there are no oportunities? You can’t just quit because no matter how much you’d like to do something else you won’t find that job because there are no jobs there are even lines to get in your place to ‘shovel shit’ as I put it before. You can’t be jobless because you will literally end up on the street because even if you have a job you don’t earn enough to have just a little in the bank or under your pillow just to live on something while you’re looking. And here comes the twist, when you have a job, you can’t really look for another. For one you don’t have the time and even if there was an opportunity and you’d have to go to an interview (with about a hundred other people so really really not a sure job) you wouldn’t be able to because you wouldn’t get the day off. You call in sick they tell you to get well and you don’t have to worry about your job because you don’t have one.

        Sure, it’s a tiny bit better when you have higher education but that costs money. A lot of money. Money parents can’t give to their children because they simply don’t have it, and children can’t earn that kind of money with student jobs. (Just to give you and idea, university for one year is about 4000 US dollar and minimal wages for a month with 8 hours a day (not many people who earn more because employers CAN pay this amount because if the employee doesn’t like it he/she can leave there are hundreds of others for their job) about 430 US dollars (I changed both amount to US dollars form our own currency) Not to mention the employers (high percentage of them) makes the employee work 12 hours for the pay of 8.

        Students are luky to get 50-75% of this.

        So tell me, how exactly a self help book or two and positive thinking will get me the job of my dreams?

      • samferris says:

        Get those two books and you’ll see! The magic lies with you. It can be yours, but you are going to have to abandon these negative self-limiting beliefs; YOU are the one keeping you stuck, not your surroundings, circumstances, income, or background.

        I know that’s annoying to hear, we’d all like to blame our cruddy lot in life on someone or something else. It’s all you, baby. But you can change that…I did!

        Good luck.

  4. Heather says:

    I’ve been in the dumps for a while now about nearing the end of my bachelor’s degree in human services and not having a job in my field of study. I’ve been trying to break the barriers, such as low rate of pay, lack of available jobs, poor benefits to none at all, etc. I have a full-time job making 36k a year and good benefits, but I really hate it. Then I keep telling myself that something must be wrong with me because I have a job and benefits etc. when so many people are looking for work and can’t get it. I tell myself to stop being so greedy in wanting to get out of a job that makes me so unhappy. Today, I cried on the way home. Then I read your post and it gave me a little hope. Thank you Sam for always having impeccable timing with your posts. xoxo

    • samferris says:

      I had a great job years ago. ‘Great’ in that it was high falootin and well paid. And yet I would get stomach aches on Sunday night, knowing that it was back to work the next day. When I quit, the relief was overwhelming. And the right thing. With the right attitude and beliefs, I was soon onto a job I loved. Just because it’s great on paper doesn’t mean it’s right for you. Let someone else have that job. It isn’t where you are meant to be. You don’t have to quit now (or ever…it’s your choice), but maybe start focussing on what want. Conscious intention. See it, feel it, imAgine living that life. Sounds airy fairy, but that sh*t works if you really work on it! Lol.

  5. It’s always nice to be reminded of this. Folk used to ask me how to cast spells?!? for the things they wanted and I would always say Positive thinking and Visualization is the way to go but you have to be consistent. Sometimes even I forget.

    • samferris says:

      Yes, consistency is a bitch, but absolutely necessary for getting ‘your order’ in. Focus focus focus. The mind wants to go back to the old limiting thoughts because that is what’s it’s used to. An ongoing battle!

  6. Susan McCord says:

    Hi Sam ~ I loved this post! I quit my job as a flight attendant 5 years ago to pursue my talk show and advice column full time. After 4 merges in the airline (with the last merge being the worst of them all) and all the changes after 911 in NYC, I was getting horrible anxiety about going to work. I loved my job for 20 years but decided to do what I loved more! While I make very little money at the moment, I am extremely happy with the decision to leave my job. I chose a very competitive market and have to work extra hard to manifest those thoughts that I am going to make it happen and it is not always easy to stay positive. I take each day as it comes with a refreshed outlook and if I need a little pat on the back and some rah rah’s to keep focused to keep believing in myself, I read blogs like yours or watch inspiring videos. I just wrote a book and have had a few interviews recently so my vibrations are working a little more each day. Thanks for the 🙂 today. xo Susan

    • samferris says:

      Susan, another great blog (I think she’s on wordpress), is Pam Grout. She wrote a great book called ‘E Squared’ that is a simple, funny, and very interesting easy-read about the power of your thoughts and conscious intention. It is some very empowering words and gives you actual experiments that PROVE that we can bring anything into out lives (including the high paying job we love) if we do certain things.

      I found it invaluable. She’s also got a new one out today. ‘E Cubed’.

      Good luck!

  7. Teresa says:

    Might be losing my job because of a scheduling system’s refusal to acknowledge that I have class days when I can’t work, so this hit me at a bad time. Still trying not to panic, because without a job, I can’t pay for school.
    I’m trying to get a degree in engineering, because the acting career wasn’t going to work out, the writing career is stalled, and feeling quite invisible while I try to sell paintings. I have a little trouble believing that a self-help book and a perky ‘can do it!’ attitude is going to get me very far right now, since all it got me in the past is debt and no place to go but a relative’s home. Doesn’t mean that I’m going to completely give up on doing some of the things that I like to do though. You can’t take art and poetry completely out of a person.
    Keeping positive is harder for some of us than others. Some of us try and try, and still get nowhere near where we want to be– and with that spinning of the wheels, occasionally comes a huge pile of mud that weighs us down.
    I can tell you that I do feel like completely throwing it all in and giving up at times, but I still plod along, and at least try to survive. Thriving is an entirely different thing.
    Some days the sun is out, some days it’s snowing.
    Right now, it’s raining, and I’m looking for an umbrella to wait for the sun.

    • samferris says:

      Teresa, the positive stuff is not a Pollyanna wishful thinking thing. Hoping upon hope that something changes. It’s science, not luck. Laws of the universe that have been proven.

      It’s a very long explanation (which Pam Grout does very well in her book ‘E Squared’), but in a nutshell: everything in the universe is made of pure energy. Waves, if you will. Rock, butterflies, and people. We are all energy. Thoughts are also energy. Intentions, beliefs, and expectations are energy. You set your thoughts and intentions in the right direction, and you can have everything you want. This is not airy fairy stuff, this is physics. Albert Einstein ranted about it: align your thoughts with the frequency of what you desire, and it has no choice but to show up in yer life.

      BUT…. There is work involved. You have to keep your thoughts on what you want and off of what you don’t want. Consistently. It’s simple but takes a lot if work at the beginning. Every time that limiting belief you have about yourself comes up, you have to replace it. It’s relentless work at the beginning. But it gets easier.

      Watch how you talk to yourself. Pay attention. If the stuff you want isn’t showing up in your life, I suspect there is an inner voice telling you that you can’t, not good enough, not worthy, Don’t think you have talent…etc. That has to change if yer going to bring about the good stuff.

      Good luck!

      • Teresa says:

        You’re right about the inner voice. Every ‘no’ that I get seems to affirm it though. I have a few outside voices telling me that I’m good at things– but when an 87 year old woman who can’t tell the difference between mint ice cream and peanut butter ice cream from two feet away tells you that you did a beautiful job on a painting, you tend to be a little skeptical.
        Didn’t lose the job yet, but I’m so scattered I haven’t got a clue what to focus on– and that makes a difference. I lost all my financial aid last semester, just at the point where I was going to quit that job so I could focus on the studies, get through the course and maybe do a couple of side projects in my spare time.
        Everything in me screams ‘Create!’
        Except for that small voice that says ‘Why bother? No one cares, and if no one cares, you might as well not waste the money or time.’

        I’m willing to work, but not knowing which direction, or how to go about things makes it a lot harder. I know my job has given me the tag of ‘slow’, and actually told me at one point that I ‘deserve to work there’, when someone lied and told them I cussed him out. (I didn’t.) because they wanted to make sure that after I got through the disciplinary process I’d be still right there. I’ve got ideas floating around, of course, but when I start to act on them… someone gets sick, I get sick. Someone needs me to to something /now/.
        A bill pops up. The car breaks down when I’m about to take art somewhere.
        All I know is I want more than just a crappy job, and the threat of homelessness hanging over my head. I want to do things, create things, help people, but I keep getting stuck the same old rut.
        I don’t even know why I’m typing all of this out, other than to organize. Compartmentalize.
        I /believe/ you about aligning things, and working to see them through. I’m just… I guess you’d say it’s actually my own fault, being stuck where I am.
        I am trying though.

  8. Thank you for this Sam it’s just what I needed. I always get something uplifting and helpful from your writing. And good on you for leaving that job, it must have felt liberating.

  9. ilseklijn says:

    This post came at the right time, thank you for that. I almost hit a burn out about 6 months ago and was able to avoid it by acting early and didn’t let it get that far. That was also the moment I started to invest in The Secret again. I remember I wanted to buy all the books and wanted to read them a.s.a.p. and guess what? In stead of them to take 30 days to get to me they were there within 5! I still have the bag (and Airmail drop bag 🙂 ) and it keeps reminding me that it truly does work that way. It’s hard to change your thought but I know it works.
    Most of the time it’s hard to get out of our thoughts because other people keep telling us it’s not true and (as said before) wishful thinking is just that. But the difference with understanding how the universe works and how the energies work is knowing you’ll have what you want, knowing is different than just wishing you could have it.
    For example I live in the Netherlands but I know for a fact that I’ll be living in the US next year, I don’t know how, where, when exactly or what I’m going to do, but I know it’s going to happen. Other people keep asking me “well, what are you going to do than, it’s hard to get a job there right” and I keep telling them “I’m not worries, I know it’ll work itself out, I’m not going to think about that, cause there’s no need to worry”. Of course I do worry sometimes, but that’s just the habit you’ve been talking about. Changing your thoughts is hard and it takes a lot of work but I’m using gratitude so much these days that I know and I feel different. That’s a hard one to explain too, but it’s true.
    I love to day dream but when I do now I have the feeling I really have the things I’m “dreaming” about. They are already mine and my intuition is growing so it tells me when something is happening (when an appointment is getting cancelled I already know beforehand for example), so I’m trusting my gut and my intuition to tell me when and what action to take.

    All this doesn’t mean I’m not anxious for this big step I’m going to take, but I’m also so incredibly exited to take it. I know it’s going to happen, I know I’m going to live in the house I’ve been dreaming about and I know I’ll have the perfect job too 😉

    And you’re blog came at right time. Not that I was loosing my grip, but there are all these signs that keep reminding me of that this is really true. It’s hard to believe but I love reading about this and how it changed other people, so I know it is true. I’ve read all the replies and your replies to them, which I think are inspiring. I used to be unable to understand this law of the universe, but I know we’re not alive to just live, we are alive to have fun and love what we do and be in the place we’re meant to be. And I also know likes attracts likes (or how you say it) so yeah, I’m still optimistic and know it’s true.

    So thank you, again, for writing what’s on your mind for wanting to help us.

  10. Annie says:

    I have quit a toxic job before without having another lined up….Probably one of the bravest things I have ever done for myself (I usually let financial/practical concerns guide me). It was very out of character for me but I am SO thankful that I took the leap.

    That being said – the last couple paragraphs were words I really needed to read today… so I thank you kindly for your ‘Oprah moment’!

  11. Christine says:

    Wrote a resignation letter myself recently. Been with the company 20 years, but I can’t take the 3 hour commute, the work is no longer a challenge, & I’m miserable. I sat on that letter for days, afraid to take the final leap & hand it in. I think this was the push I needed. Thanks Sam!

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  13. Ralph Tieleman says:

    Looking forward to hearing you on Drex Live !

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