Christmas blog

Hey gang,

Sorry, been a while.

Here is my annual Christmas blog.

I have a love/hate thing going on with this time of year. I adore the level of humanity that comes out this time of year…..people really do step up for those who have so little.  I donate to a Christmas Hamper….to make sure that those families who need a little help get that help so their kids get gifts to open on Christmas day. That side of Christmas moves me and gives me hope in the human race.

But this is also a remarkably tough time of year for many.

There is so much pressure on this time of year in many ways. Pressure to love the time we spend with family, pressure to LOVE this time of year, pressure to have the best time ever…..pressure to make it super fantastic wonderful, and if it doesn’t measure up to some tv commercial Christmas ad, we feel like we’ve failed or are bad people.

If that is you, I’m here to tell you that you are not alone.

We see the Christmas experience in movies and on tv, and then when we don’t have that, we feel let down. We put so much pressure on the 25th of December to be the greatest thing ever, that we kind of screw ourselves. We expect that all the issues in our lives and family will just disappear magically. Cause that’s how the movies do it, right? Trust me, I’ve done those Christmas movies….they are fun….but not real. They are there to tug at your heartstrings….but not real.

Here is the key: try to remember that December 25th is just another day. Really. The sun will come up and go down. And if yer family drive you nuts, you are allowed to recognize that, regardless of the date.  Don’t put the pressure on yourself and those around you to magically make everything perfect because the media have told you that you are SUPPOSED to have the best day ever.

You know what I’m doing on Christmas day? Going for brunch with my best buddy Pam, then back to her place to drink champagne, do a jigsaw puzzle, and watch the last season of Mad Men that we missed. And i’m thrilled. My family don’t do Christmas so well, so my brother works (he prefers that), and my mother will go to family friends. All is well. The world won’t fall apart.

Here is the point: whatever you are doing, just enjoy it. Staying home and watching movies? Cool. Ordering chinese food and working on your guitar lessons? Totally cool.  If this time of year is tough for you (and it is for many), then just enjoy the day. Don’t try to make too much of it. Years ago my brother and I would go for breaky with a couple friends and then walk downtown and see a movie. And there were 100s of people there doing the same thing! Nowadays, there are so many bars and restaurants open that you can go for a bite to eat and drink after.

I look at this time of year as a bonus for those needing help. People, animals, etc… This is a time when people get generous and donate to those in a less fortunate situation than themselves.

And if yer totally bummed, you can tweet or message me. I’m just hanging out…it’s just another day.

If you have a great family experience, great! I wish all the best to you and your family…you are lucky. But if you are not one of those people, know that you are not alone and there is nothing wrong with the 25th being another day in our lives. Or if yer family drive you nuts and yer stuck with uncle Buck and yer siblings who drive you around the bend, that is ok, too. Again…totally, not alone. We’ll all get through it.

Here’s hoping us all a wonderful 2014…filled with health and happiness.

Much love,




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6 Responses to Christmas blog

  1. Thank you so much for this post. I am in the “family don’t do so well group” and this time of year does my head in. You’re right about those t.v. ads too. They really make you feel like you’re just not going to measure up. I enjoy your blog, this post especially. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year Sam x

  2. Samantha says:

    I needed this! I am recently separated (which has genuinely made me SO happy, he was a jerk), but this is the first Christmas Eve I won’t get to do the milk and cookies routine with my 5 year old. She will be spending that evening with her dad; I get her back Christmas morning. My family wants me to have dinner with them Christmas Eve, but I don’t feel like it. I don’t wanna deal with my sis complaining about her kids, because at least she’ll be with them. I felt guilty for that. Thanks for making me realize it’s ok to not want to be with them that night. You inspire me, Sam!

  3. sandraengstrom2013 says:

    Thanks Sam *hugs you tight* I needed to hear that cos I know Christmas day isn’t going to be good for me this year and I was desperate to “make” it good, but you’re right whatever I do will make it worse not better, so I’m gonna let go and just enjoy the bright spots that I know I can look forward to and let the rest of the day look after itself

  4. I took a step back yesterday evening for a reality check … upset my youngest had a seizure and broke his over 5-month-long seizure-free streak and worried (like many) about a Christmas when we wouldn’t have much to put under the tree … of all places on Facebook I happened to read a status update.

    A mother, thanking carolers for helping to fulfill her daughter’s bucket list by singing carols outside their home where her 11-year-old lies dying of a rare kind of Cancer. Little Lanie literally only has days – they don’t know how many. (Look up Team Laney on FB if you want your heartstrings pulled)

    I remembered that Christmas really was just another day and while the boys would realize we had a lighter Christmas – friends made it possible to give them presents we couldn’t. My son, who broke his seizure-free streak … he made it through Day One again today … when a lot of others we know dealing with epilepsy won’t be able to make it through even an hour.

    Christmas Day, we’ll be having a day with love and laughter, meltdowns and craziness (three boys on the spectrum, rare disorders – it’s always an adventure here!) … we will hopefully be on Day 5 and we will be thankful. Thanks for the reminder – we can always use that.

    Enjoy your Christmas Day and Merry Christmas!

  5. izstuart says:

    This is so true. I always feel Christmas gets lost along the way when everyone’s working so hard to try and reach some sort of unrealistic goal. And on the note of helping others, I would much appreciate it if anyone could please take a look at the last thing I posted on my blog.

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