I’m back!

Sorry gang!

Got an iPhone and trying to hook up with WordPress has been a bigger ordeal than I thought. But here I am.

How is everyone’s summer?

Mine has been wonderful so far. Wine tours in the Okanagan, school, lots of enjoying Vancouver in the summer. It is my hometown and a beautiful place to be this time of year…. When it’s not raining.

In fact, that is kind of what I want to mention here.

This blog was never designed to tell you what to do or be, but rather let you know what I have learned and experienced. Sometimes the hard way. Lol. I try to give you perspective on my mistakes and triumphs, hoping I can give you a heads-up on stuff that I wish someone had given me.

Anyway, I learned something valuable this summer and it is about living in the moment. I have always been very driven in my career. Worked very hard. Made sure that I was always working, successful, and taking care of business.
My career has always been my #1 priority and my friends know that work comes first. It has annoyed many of them and I’ve had to blow off many important events, but this is the life I chose.

This last couple of months has been very quiet for me. It’s the nature of the beast; the roles for me have been sparse. It’s ok. I’m used to it, but instead of sitting around waiting for stuff to happen, I said “f**k this” I’m going to enjoy my summer. And I have.
And what I learned is way more valuable than work ever would have been.

I forced myself to let work go, and in doing that, I started to live right in the moment I was living in. Sounds simple and inconsequential but it’s sooo not. And it’s way harder than you think. You don’t realize how different life can look until you make an effort to live right in THAT MOMENT. Me and a buddy drove around these small town wineries and really experienced them. No thinking about future (fear) or past (guilt), I smelled the hot morning sun, I looked the wine hosts in the eye, I savoured the wines, I really took in the stunning scenery. It was amazing. But it wasn’t just what was in front of me that was amazing, it was how I CHOSE to look at it.

Here is my point: I think that most of us have a problem with living in the very moment that we are in. Case in point: concerts. So many are busy taking pics or videos with their phones that they miss the magic of the moment. How sad. So much is lost. What are we scared of feeling? Life?? God forbid.

I let go of thoughts about the next day or the day before, And really just looked and lived in what was in front of me. It was liberating and magical. My brain was niggling at me: “what is my next gig?” “When will I work again?” “Where am I going to be in a year? In 5?”…..but I blew it off. Thank you….I will worry about u later, right now I am enjoying myself.

We all have stresses and worries in life. You are not alone, but take some moments out and enjoy the joy of just being here. Just for a second. Sounds corny, but you can go back to your worrying in a moment. Give yerself a moment of right-here-right-now.

It’s a wonderful feeling if you let it happen. Make an effort. Totally worth it.

Be well.

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4 Responses to I’m back!

  1. Wendy Harvey says:

    Love your philosophy so true……live for the momment

  2. Samantha, I’ve just read your blog for the first time! And I have smth to say! All your words are so deep, so right ones, that I am thinking over my present life right mow, really! WE (people) never live at the very moment, we are in a hurry all the time, we never have enough time to stop and to look at the world around us! And we don’t notice some beatiful things, interesting people, miracles of nature.. And several minutes ago I told to myself: ” Screw all the troubles and thoughts about tomorrow!” I am going to have some time living AT THE MOMMENT! Thank you, Sam for opening my eyes!

  3. Liza180 says:

    Excellent post! I am experiencing the same thing this summer as I’m unemployed yet living in a fabulous area called San Luis obispo, Ca. I went to college here 20 years ago and always wanted to move back. Its coastal and very close to hundreds of wineries. I love this area. I’ve lived in places like San Francisco, Minneapolis, and New York but my heart is with this town. Its home to me (I grew up in bay Area). But, like you, I want to live in the present and enjoy life. I might be stressed, but i still enjoy going to the beach, wine tasting, hosting cocktail parties and just LIVING. I admire you and your work ethic (it shows in parts you’ve done like Ellen on Supernatural). If you ever want to experience the california central coast, look me up cause i love showing it off. Btw, recovered from surgery yet? Hope so. 🙂

  4. bookworm says:

    Just found your blog via your twitter. Neat commentary on life; these are some of the things I talk with my daughter about in the hopes that some of my mistakes can help her not fall into the same pits.:-) I wanted to comment on this one, particularly, because I agree with your essay so much. We made a conscious decision when daughter was born not to buy a camcorder in the hopes that we would never be so busy making a video of one of her events we would miss the event itself. We have never regretted that! We don’t have videos of first words, steps, bath mohawks, Xmas plays, field days, etc., but we have the memory of actually being there. I was reading an essay for empty nesters on “things I wish I had done” before the kids left for college and it was fascinating to me that a lot of the items were related to make more time to just be in the moment with them. Anyway, loved your note and hope you and your family are well.

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