Day 4 of recovery.

Warning — this gets a little gross.
Graphic description ahead. You’ve been warned.

You know when someone says ‘smell this’ and you know it’s going to be bad? Or when you’re about to watch something horrible and you kind of cover your eyes but you still peek out? Yes, of course you know. Because you do actually smell it or look at it against your better judgement, and then instantly regret it, but you just couldn’t help yourself.

I had to see what was below the bandages. HAD TO. So I did, and what I saw made me say to myself with dismay, ‘now, did you really need to see that? Really?!?’. Ick.

Frankenboobs. That is the best description. It’s all dark squiggly seams and blood and tape. And oozy patches of green and yellow. Uch. Buuut, still no pain! Yay!

Last couple days have turned a corner. Went to doc to get the bandages off yesterday. I couldn’t look but she said they look great. No bruising, no serious bleeding and the ‘drainage’ was normal. So now it’s just a bunch of gauze under a sports bra and the weird halter thing to hold all the goods in a neat little package. Great.

However, inquiring minds want to know. Right? So I start playing around with it. Trying to see something. ANYTHING that might resemble a pair of newly lessened boobs. I actually got to see the beginning of a new and lovely relationship….still had the same shape but just so much LESS of them. Hooray!

What I wasn’t expecting was the gory details. Eep. I’m not good at that stuff. I was treated to a lot more incision lines than I thought. The whole underside and the tops look like a relief map of Switzerland. Lines all over the place surrounded by gross. They’re all taped up, I can only see them vaguely, but it looks a bit like a war zone. But what did I expect? Rainbows and unicorns?! Hell no! No time to be weak now, Ferris! Power through! And I did. It got easier to look at but jeez…it’s a bit of a shock when it’s your body you’re looking at and it doesn’t look anything like you remember it.

Doc said there would be a bunch of drainage…and there is. Who knew your body could MAKE that many colors? Every color of green and yellow is coming out of all angles of my front half. Apparently it’s normal. Nothing ridiculous but it’s rather weird to see. And again, gross. Did I mention that it smells creepy? YICK.

Big new experience in the last 24 hours is the itch. Goodgawd somebody loofa my chest with sandpaper! Feels like mosquito bites everywhere. Non-stop. Took a couple benadryls and that helped but holy jeeesus. Wasn’t expecting that.

Doc said this is the most important time for healing. HAVE TO take it easy. Went for a walk and I might have overdone it. Bad move. Have to be prepared to lie around, bored out of your mind and do nothing. Ugh. That is becoming the hard part now, but it is so important. Otherwise, it disrupts the healing and you scar more.

Wanna hear something funny? (And a bit graphic…but if you’ve made it this far, you can handle it) One nipple is totally ‘asleep’ and one is totally ‘at attention’! I hope it doesn’t stay that way because it looks ridiculous! Haha. Really silly! And they are both completely numb. No feeling at all. I have heard that it is going to take a couple months for the feeling to come back. Oh well.

Ok. That’s enough graphic description of my private parts for now.

I’m thrilled I had it done. No regrets. The pain is not nearly as bad as I expected and the final product is going to be wonderful. I’m achey and uncomfortable and will be for a while, but I can live with that knowing that the outcome is a life changer. I have spoken with many women who have had it done and they all say it’s the best thing they’ve ever had done. I can understand why.

Back at doc’s in 10 days. We take the tape off and have a good look at these little beasts. I’ll let you know how it goes.


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8 Responses to frankenboobs

  1. Michele says:

    Ah, the itch you can’t scratch. I don’t miss that part of healing! The nipples will even back out, and you really will get feeling back in them. I actually have found mine to be more sensitive – both to cold and general stimulation – than before. IOW, the headlights are on quite often! LOL!

    Happy healing!

  2. Kay says:

    Ahh, the itching was the worst! Glad things are going well! I think I only lasted 3 days before unwrapping for a second and taking a look. And oh, the colors they were! Purple and yellow and blue and green! Thanks for the update, and please take it easy! ❤

  3. Sanne says:

    For me it wasn’t the itching that was the worst part… It’s not touching the scabs that form. I have the worst trouble not picking at them. I don’t even have to see them, just knowing they’re there is enough!

    Hope you’ll have a good recovery!

  4. JanineLearner says:

    I’ve been reading up on the surgery over here in the UK, sounds like over here they keep you in the hospital for about 4 days with drains in. I had my gallbladder out in September and had a drain, it was horrible so dont really want to go through that. Also my scars from my gallbladder op are really raised, and it scares me that if I have the reduction that those scars will also be raised, cos that’ll look gross. But it’ll be years before I can have the surgery anyway, since apparently I’d have to lose at least 120lbs before I’d be eligible for it, so yeah that’s not going to happen anytime soon, especially since I’d made the decision last year when I turned 40 to stop dieting.

  5. ladymarzipan says:

    I don’t have any experience with that kind of surgery, but plenty of lying around bored out of your mind.
    Sam, this is your chance to read all the books / watch all the series or films / play all the games you always told yourself you didn’t have time for, or that you couldn’t justify indulging in because of all the other things you could be doing. Take up knitting or crocheting while you watch stuff! You’ll feel more like you’re doing something productive and maybe not feel so guilty? is great if you’re needing inspiration.
    Keeping yourself busy will not only keep your mind and hands active, it may also help distract you from the itch 🙂

  6. Irene says:

    Mine did the one up, one down too. When I got mine done, I had what could only be described as “plastic grenades” hanging from them. They filled up with fluid and blood as they drained. Periodically, I would drain them, squeeze them & the negative pressure would pull more from me. I had those for about four days. I got mine done on a Monday & then had bandages off by Friday. I was wrapped up in Ace bandages after my surgery. I had tape and crazy mad black & blue marks. My scars are a complete circle around the nipple, a line going down to the underboob and then left to right like a smiley face. I wish you continued success ^_^ (@IUHobbit)

  7. Hita says:

    I had a friend that did this surgery when she was 15. Her twins were HUGE. But they kept growing, and when she was 18 she had two huge breasts with huge scars and had to make the surgery again. So! I think that women that chooses to do this surgerys are heroes. So you are a warrior, and you should be proud of yourself. And I think that share this “after part” with your readers is realy cool. It can help other women to change their minds about their own appearance.
    Thank you for being awesome!

  8. Anne says:

    Sam said: “it’s a bit of a shock when it’s your body you’re looking at and it doesn’t look anything like you remember it.” and “I’m achey and uncomfortable and will be for a while, but I can live with that knowing that the outcome is a life changer.”

    I hear yer. Pain and itchy and ooze are not favourite things to do either but the outcome of a reduction is well and truly worth it. Even though I’ve turned slightly green reading this post, it doesn’t make me re-consider having mine trimmed.

    I’ve seen a few just-after photos like relief maps of Switzerland and then another photo a few months later and most of that aspect has faded. And if your nipple doesn’t wake up again, there’s something they can do about that. Saw it on a reliable documentary.

    Hita, that poor girl. She must’ve been so disappointed when the bastards grew back. She must have not been old enough the first time, poor thing, though I can understand her taking the risk at 15. Some people say really horrible to teenage girls.

    Janine, I don’t know how much 120 pounds is in kilos is but I do know someone who’s gone from a size 22 to an 16 on the bottom and lost great handfuls of back fat in about 2 years. She showed me her old pants. She didn’t do anything radical either, which surprised me. She showed me the sheet the nutritionalist gave her and it even had a few chocolate biscuits on it, nestled in amongst the veg etc. and she walked to the shop for the newspaper a lot and that was about it I think. People keep asking her if she’s had lipo but I know she hasn’t. Hope that helps.
    By the time I got halfway down the post I was green. Now I’ve read all the comments too I’m itchy all over 🙂

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