day 1 after surgery

So, I’ll give you a rundown sporadically over the next week of how recovery is going.

It is important to me that you know why I am doing this.

I could blather on about myself at great length, couldn’t we all?, but I got many a msg from people who would love to get the surgery but are too frightened of the unknown, the pain, the recovery, being put under…etc..whatever. If that is you, you can live vicariously thru me for the next week or two then make an educated decision. I will be completely honest.

Going into the hospital always freaks me out. When I used to go visit people as a kid I could do about 15 mins before turning green and needing to put my head between my knees. No joke. And the IV terrifies me. But it was all fine. Nurses lovely. The IV sucked but I knew it would. Stings for a split second and it’s over. I actually rather like being put under…those 10 seconds before you are out? Love it. Like falling down the rabbit hole backwards. Coming out of the OR is always groggy. Your torso is wrapped really tightly in gauze and tape and some weird halter top holding it all together. Can’t see the boobs at all! The pain was bad, not going to lie to you. But they were there with a shot of morphine. Then 2 then 4 then 6…wasn’t helping so they gave me a pill of Dilaudid. Wheweee, that worked. Heavy duty opiate. No pain after that but side effects were bad. They kept trying to get me to walk around but I kept passing out. Couldn’t get out of bed. All the drugs in my system were screwing me up. Finally, last person out of day-surgery, I was white and sick as a dog but up on my feet. Ride home all I could think about was my bed.

I was always told that the next morning was the worst, so when I went to bed last night I put all my meds beside me and set alarm for 4 hours later. Bracing for the worst. Woke up at 2:30am…hmm, not much pain but took Toradol (painkiller they gave me) and went back to sleep. You go to sleep kind of propped up which I would not normally be able to do, but you’re wiped out. You’ll sleep. Woke up at 6:30am. Hmmmm no pain again. Didn’t do pain pills. Woke up at 10am, still no pain. Amazing!

Now, once you start moving around it gets a bit tougher…getting out of bed was a challenge and very sore but I was amazed at how minimal the pain was. Really and truly. Sure, it feels like you got kicked in the chest by a herd of elephants, but I was totally mobile, making food, going to bathroom, watching tv…etc. Really not a big deal. Totally manageable.

Around noon took some pain meds which only made me feel nauseous and groggy.

Getting in bed now (and it’s only 6pm!). The pain may not be bad but you’re tired and wipe out. Nurses said that of all the day surgeries they see, the breast reductions are the most challenged for the first day or two. Lots of meds coursing thru the bod and the area has a lot of blood flow. So you’re really tired. And I am, but going to try to avoid the pain meds. They make me feel shitty…plus, at the risk of TMI, the stuff blocks me up for WEEKS so I’d rather avoid them if I can.

My whole torso is swollen. Was going to tweet a picture of all the bandages to show you it’s not that bad, but I’m so swollen that I look like a puffer fish. No picture. I have SOME pride about this. Plus, It looks like I’m covered in blood. It’s not…it’s the antiseptic stuff they put all over you before they cut you open. I look like a body from a horror movie. My mother would faint. Looks way worse than it is.

One pain I didn’t count on is the throat. I guess they put a tube down your throat during general anesthetic as a safety precaution (?) So my throat is sore. Other than that, I’m good.

So far: first day has been great. Groggy and nauseous from the meds but body feels remarkably good. Yay!

Bandages come off thursday.

Update again soon.


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16 Responses to day 1 after surgery

  1. annielicious14 says:

    So glad you’re ok! Hugs!!

  2. Michele says:

    Glad the surgery went well, sorry that it hurt so much. Mine I remembered as being doped up and itching, mostly. Do you have drains? Don’t forget to empty them periodically; the smell is horrendous. Lol. Don’t forget to take a stool softener for the stopped up problem – pain meds do that to me too. Saves a lot of discomfort. Happy healing and congratulations on you new boobs! 😀

  3. Ryan says:

    Anytime they knock you out medically, they intubate you, yeah. It’s in case shit goes sour and you crash, they can just pop a ventilator bag on you to keep you breathing without having to futz with opening your airway.

    Sorry you’re sore, but thank you for the details. I’m considering removing my breasts and reshaping my chest in the near future, so the realism is appreciated. Good to know what I’m heading into. I hope you feel better soon.

  4. BillieO says:

    You are so brave. I hope that you have a speedy and uneventful recovery!

  5. Hang in there, Sam!

    FYI, any major surgery is going to leave you feeling wiped out for a while. Had a hysterectomy back in 1998, and while I was walking a mile around the neighborhood within a week, I would fall asleep in my Laz-Y-Boy when I sat down after the walk. Within a couple of weeks, I was walking 3-5 miles, and still falling asleep in the chair afterward, even though I felt good during the walk. Just the way things go; your stamina will be shot to hell for a bit. But every day improves!

  6. Julie says:

    So glad it went well and can’t believe you don’t need much in the way of meds. You are one tough lady!! Take it easy! Burned the bras yet?

  7. Delma says:

    Intubation sucks. During my hernia surgery I stopped breathing on my own for a bit, took double time to come out if it. They made me cough for twenty minutes until sats came up. Sore throat for a week. Iced tea and soft foods… but I was simultaneously recovering from strep. Day one after my surgery was a breeze. Day two was the same. Day three was the jerk. I kept pills handy but all broken in half so I didn’t zombie out.

  8. Tracy Brzycki says:

    Warm tea with honey will help your throat, glad you aren’t in to much pain, but don’t be a hero. If you hurt take some, even if just half. It’s way easier and better for you to control the pain instead of trying to reverse it. I’m sure very soon you will be back to the beautiful person we all love. Blessings and feel better soon. ❤

  9. Kay says:

    I just wanted to really thank you for sharing such a private decision with us. Reductions are grossly under discussed – always hear of women going bigger, but not smaller. I’m sure you’ve inspired a lot of people, and you’ve got a lot of us ladies here with experience for any questions you’ve got that you’re like “Man, I really probably shouldn’t bother the doctor with something this silly.” But it’s those silly questions that will really nag at you! I must’ve called my doctor 15 times the first 3 days lol.

    Try not to scratch too much when they start to itch! And if the meds aren’t agreeing with you, take some over the counter. Avoid aspirin as it increases bleeding, but some ibuprofen or naproxen sodium (as long as you’re not allergic!!!) should at least help. If that fails, you could put some ice on em too, if you can get an ice pack a little bit down in the bandages without unwrapping.

    I figured I’d share this – I can totally relate to being wrapped like a mummy! This was a couple hours after my surgery in ’06, when I was 18: Went from 34G to 34C/D. You can see just below the bandages where there is a vertical line that marked where the bottom of my breast used to be. eek! haha.

    Hope everything continues to go well, and better yet I hope you are completely satisfied with how it turned out! Much love and more prayers continuing your way! x

    • samferris says:

      Ya, forget the pain meds. They are making things worse. Just woke up and I have a wicked headache and feel soooo weak and nauseous. I was told it’s from all the meds in my system from surgery. Ugh. I feel totally horrible. Buuut, no pain! Not really. I mean, yes, really sore and tender but I’m up and mobile. No real issue there. Thank GAWD. Going to try the ibuprofen and tuck in for some horrible day-time tv.

  10. risenshine22 says:

    Glad you’re doing almost fine. Hugz. I had two Cesarian cuts and the worst part is when they tell you on day one that you HAVE to get up (not much painkiller for Mummy though!).

  11. Thank you for sharing and being so honest Sam, as someone that’s considering this surgery in the future it’s really helpful. I’m so glad the pain’s not as bad as you were expecting and that you’re mobile. I had my gallbladder out in September so I know how tired you get the first week or so after surgery, it took me about 3 weeks before I felt normal again and not completely wiped out. My throat hurt too and I was quite wheezy too, but that sorted itself out in a few days.

  12. Anne says:

    Kay said: “I just wanted to really thank you for sharing such a private decision with us. Reductions are grossly under discussed”

    I agree.

    Hope the pain and grogginess and swelling and the other effects taper off quickly, Sam. I just read read your day-before post and can relate to the panic setting in. I had some surgery last year and had to suppress an urge to leap up, rip the thing in the back of my hand out and flee.

    Will be keeping up with you as a fan and your post-surgery progress too. I do envy you your new B-cups.

  13. Sanne says:

    I’m glad to hear you’re not feeling too bad. I was really sore too, the first couple days, but it didn’t take long for me to get used to it. Hope it’s the same for you. I’m in my sixth week post surgery, and I went from a European 75F to a 75D (34E to D, apparently). Only two sizes smaller, but it’s a *huge* difference already!

  14. Elaine says:

    I was thinking about you and was glad to see that all went well. Wishing you all the best for a speedy recovery! Thank you so much for sharing this experience, Sam. This is something I have wanted to do for many years…and hopefully will. I’ll be watching for more updates!

  15. Taylor says:

    Thank you so much for your boob updates. I’m pretty sure I’m going to get a reduction when I’m a bit older. I’m fit, healthy, eat well, have a great social life. My boobs have always weighed me down (heh) though. To hear the day to day of a reduction op has really helped me, even the gory bits have been rather fascinating. I’m looking forward to hearing how your new boobs are in a few more weeks, and in a few months.

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