Hey gang,

No huge words of wisdom this week as I am sick as a dog. Nasty flu going around. There are two of them, actually. The achey/chills/fever/coughing one, and the stomach one. I’ve got the stomach one. Nauseous, weak, wobbly, and a WICKED headache. Funny thing is, I’m still hungry. WTH..? One great thing about the stomach flu is you get to shed a few lbs without even trying. But no. I’m eating. Bummer.

Got the flu? This is what I have heard works: oil of oregano, hot toddy (some believe booze chases out the bug), Neo Citron with Gravol and sleep it out, loads of ginger ale…preferably flat. Chicken broth, sleep, steam, hot baths, 3 shots of tequila.

I’m in my jammies. Have been for two days and I am sad at the pathetic choices of stuff on TV. When I was a kid I loved staying home and watching TV, but now I seem to flip endlessly. However I did find a re-run of Wipeout on at noon so I’m headed for that with my warm flat ginger ale.

I did hear one thing yesterday that I loved so I will pass it on.

“If you are depressed you are living in the past. If you are anxious you are living in the future. If you are at peace you are living in the present”. Lao Tzu.

I LOVE that. It gives you that ability to check in with yourself and see where you are at. And CHANGE it. That is the answer for me. I’m always going to have feelings of fear, doubt, self-attack, depression come up. We all are. That is life. But if you can check in, feel a negativity, and try to cut it at the pass, even just a little bit, you’re on the right path. Makes it easier next time. It may seem simple, but sometimes the simple stuff is the best. We complicate the **** out of things. Totally unnecessary.

Have a great week.


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5 Responses to sick

  1. Sandra says:

    Hi Sam, hope you get well soon, meantime take care and dig out your fav movies

  2. Stacy L says:


    Hope you feel better soon. Take care!

  3. elena says:

    I’m apparently living in all three time frames….is that possible?? Or am I in an episode of Dr Who?! Im constantly in all 3

  4. ickyemy says:

    Ugh, the stomach flu is the worst! I am impressed you managed a blog post. Take care of yourself, hope you get well soon!

  5. Alisha B says:

    I just recovered from the flu myself. I had a fever, body aches, and god-awful amounts of mucus clogging my head & chest. And the whole time I was craving pizza, Chinese take-out & milkshakes. Go figure. Hope you are feeling better and you find your peace today. 🙂

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