The next couple of days are celebrated as American Thanksgiving. Canada’s was a while ago but we have many American pals and you can’t give thanks enough, so let’s give thanks. For the good stuff and the bad stuff…it’s all part of our story and I believe there is a message or a purpose in everything, even if you don’t know it at the time.

I took a piece of advice from Oprah (yes Oprah…and if you are rolling your eyes, spend some time listening to her once in a while. She’s spiritual and smart and says a lot of really wonderful things if you are open). Many years ago she got into this habit of writing down what she was grateful for every day. AA does it, too, and that program is miraculous. The list doesn’t have to be long, serious, or well thought out, just a few things that you are grateful for that day. She said it would change your life, even if only a wee bit. I started doing it. Sometimes the things were trivial….that parking spot, waterproof mascara, socks…but sometimes they were big. I started to notice when something big came along when it happened because I would say to myself in the moment, “ooh, that’s a big one…gotta remember to write that one down later…”. So I chugged along writing stuff down for weeks. If I didn’t get a chance, I at least said it in my prayers at the end of the day. (Yes, I pray. Not to GOD but to a Higher Power. The Universe. I am spiritual, not religious). Oprah was right. I’m not sure when it happened and it wasn’t like a bonk on the head, but I noticed the things I was grateful for. I became humbled a bit. I didn’t take things for granted as easily. I appreciated the little things as well as the big things. I realized how lucky we are.

If you are reading this you have access to a computer or, better yet, a smartphone. Meaning you probably have a roof over your head, food, and some form of income. If that is you, congratulations! You are already ahead of the majority of the earth’s population. I know how it feels to have a sh*t day….raining for a week, didn’t get the job, worried about money, questions about health, and feeling like it’s never going to change. We all go there. But when I see on paper what I’m grateful for it puts things in perspective. I think that is the point in actually writing it down. Now I don’t have to write it down…not sure if you can still sign up but there is a website called Happy Rambles and if you get on the list, it sends you an email everyday asking you what you are grateful for. Perfect! I’m lazy…it does the work for me. I just type in what I’m grateful for and hit send. Lovely! And it shows you some of the comments from the past.

The point here is, try to find something to be grateful for every day. And say it out loud. Or write it down. It will put you in touch with your life even if it’s just for a split second. And you can be grateful for the bad stuff, too. I believe it is necessary. It has purpose and meaning, even if you don’t know why at the time. My best buddy Kelli died almost three years ago. Breast cancer. What was the point in THAT, right? But I realize that I was lucky to have her the time that I did. She did some great things here. And as my mother says, “darling, perhaps she was needed elsewhere…”. My mother is not spiritual, not religious, doesn’t believe in an afterlife or ghosts, but she did believe that maybe Kelli’s positive energy was needed somewhere else. Cool. I liked that. I hope it’s true. I am grateful for the jobs I don’t get and the hardships I experience. Not so much at the time, mind you, but I know there is a purpose and I ride it out, knowing something else is on it’s way. Gotta think positive (even if you have to fake it) if you want to bring positive stuff in yer life, but that is a whole other topic for another time.

Be grateful. Be well. Give thanks that you are here and do the best you can. I will do the same.

See ya next week!


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11 Responses to Thanksgiving

  1. Barbara M says:

    Thank you for reminding me that I am lucky. Even as hard as I have it now, I’m still grateful for the few things I do have. I may not have my own home, but I have a friend who is keeping me and mine under her roof for now. I have my children with me, 2-foot and 4-foot alike. I am sad that I don’t have my whole family together, but I know my oldest is safe and being loved by her friends. I may not have an income yet, but it’s coming. Just need to give it time, and be patient. I will try to remember to write down the things I am grateful for, lest I forget and wallow in self-pity too long.
    I know Spirit has a plan for me, whatever it may be, I will accept it. I just have to be patient, stay the course, and stay alive.
    Thank you again. And Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours.

  2. sarah says:

    Thanks. I needed to read that so I would stop feeling sorry for myself. I quit my job because I was sick. Its been very hard probably the hardest in years but I will see this through thanks to you.

  3. Carolyn White says:

    It’s good to be reminded to be thankful for the tough times that made us hate the world when it actually was happening. These events made us what we are today. My tough events made me a stronger person, helped me appreciate the kindness of other human beings, let me see how loving my family truly was, gave me purpose, helped me reverse direction and choose totally opposite people to be in my life. It steered me towards a job I love, an Occupational Therapist Assistant, helping people get stronger physically as well as taking the time to help them heal emotionally just by listening and touching in a world directed by money and time. Too many people don’t appreciate what they have now because of what happened to them back then. I hated back then but I would never want to go back and do if over. Because it really made me who I am today. And I like her.

    • elena says:

      There are 2 things I am thankful for everyday and that is my children&the thought that as they grow I will be here to teach,support, love w/hugs&kisses and laugh with them. Being able to do so makes ALL the little irritants in life trivial…

  4. Jake says:

    That’s really good advice, and it’s something I’ll try to keep in mind the next time things don’t seem to be going my way. Thank you for putting it out there.

  5. ickyemy says:

    It’s thanksgiving day, and I am lying in bed with a bottle of sprite I suppose the silver lining is that I will be losing weight this holiday instead of buying new pants.
    Still so much to be grateful for! Family and friends, dry warm bed, iPad, rescue dog who is a saint, job where I am much loved, clean water, fresh air, and colorado sunshine. I lived in Africa for a while and swore that when I came back to America I would never be ungrateful again. Any time I feel down or annoyed, I just remember what it felt like to wake up, alone, in a strange place with no end in sight. One time I literally cried upon waking from a dream that I was shopping at Wal Mart. If you are lucky enough to be warm and safe and you can read the words I am typing, you are lucky enough. Don’t believe me? I know an orphanage in Africa that needs volunteers.

  6. ickyemy says:

    While I am grateful for the beautiful and comfortable things in life, I am not yet a big enough person to be grateful for some things. My fathers identicle twin committed suicide fifteen years ago this week. It changed us all forever and I cannot imagine that it is for the better. Every celebration is scarred by his absence, and the fact that he chose not to be here with us. His children both grew up and got married and now have children of their own, but Jim will never know any of that. The pain and grief I watch my family endure breaks my heart even still. Because for the record, a family NEVER comes back from suicide. RIP Jim.

  7. Tracy Brzycki says:

    I am thankful for my kids, family and friends, who everyday inspire and encourage me. I am also thankful that I started watching Supernatural this summer so was able to know who you are and to start reading your blog. You have an amazing talent for saying what needs to be said and I look forward to your posts. Blessings to you and yours.

  8. elena says:

    One more thing…I’m thankful for all things chocolaty…

  9. Amanda Wright says:

    Well, that was wonderful advice Sam. I agree, we all need to be thankful not just for the good things but for everything because if you think about it, it could be worse. Right now I’m a little stressed out because I have to have a CT scan done on my stomach next week. I think the doctor is checking for cancer due to the symptoms I’ve been having and due to the fact that my papaw died 3 years ago from cancer and my aunt had breast cancer last year. I’m not really scared for myself, I’m just worried if it is cancer I don’t want to leave my babies. But I’m trying to take my dads advice and not worry until there’s something to worry about. Thanks a bunch Sam!!!

  10. Isaiah says:

    Hey Samantha,
    My name is Isaiah, I’m 23 years old.
    Thank you so much for putting everything in perspective for me. I really do have so much to be thankful for, you are so wise! I’m an active duty United States Marine, military police, and I had to work on Thanksgiving unable to be with my family. But it really is a matter of perspective, the simple fact that I have a family to begin with is something to be thankful for. So much to be thankful for that I take for granted on a daily basis, thank you for your uplifting words of wisdom 🙂 Just wanted to say that I’m a really big fan of yours, you are absolutely beautiful, an extremely talented actress, and you played my favorite character on Supernatural 🙂 I was so upset to see your character “killed off” the show, but you definitely went out in the most bad ass way possible. I just got done watching “The Tall Man”, great performance by the way, I didn’t even know you we in the film until I started watching lol. Anyway, happy holidays and God Bless. Semper Fidelis.

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