first album

Again, this chat killed me on twitter.

I asked what your first album was….got a bunch of answers….some old some new.

A few of the answers:

There was Meatloaf, Manfred Mann, Queen, Three Dog Night, CCR, Ozzy, Aerosmith, Supertramp, Steve Miller Band, Styx, Cheap Trick (yay), Bon Jovi.

Then there was Shaun Cassidy (many responses for this one), ABBA,  Culture Club, Olivia Newton John (four of you were on this one), The Jacksons, The Partridges, Culture Club, Motley Crue, Madonna, Gloria Estefan, ACDC, John Cougar, Cher, Donny and Marie, Grease Soundtrack (i was so jealous).

And then there was the NKOTB, Madonna, Britney Spears, Cranberries, Hanson,  Spice Girls….love it!

Your first album, much like your first concert, was so important, wasn’t it? IT WAS! If you can remember it, it has to have had some meaning to you. I remember where i lived and who my friends were when i bought my first album: first 45 was either Blondie’s “Heart of Glass” or The Bugles “Video Killed the Radio Star”. Can’t remember, but my second one was “Hot Stuff” by Donna Summer (who died today at 63 from cancer).  Doesn’t matter what it was, but it made a difference then. Music has a miraculous capability of taking you back to a part of your life. It’s weird, because i don’t like that part of my life (parents just divorced and life was HELL), but somehow remembering my first albums helped me through. Toto’s first album? Made life easier. “Breakfast In America” helped me through the death of my grandmother. The soundtrack to “Grease” makes me remember how important the summer of early adolescence was.

I’m not saying that your childhood rocked, because that may not have been the case; mine sucked….but music made it easier, no? Music is magical. Keep it that way, when you have a  shitty day, put on your fave tunes and tell me that doesn’t put a smile on yer face. I bet it does…



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13 Responses to first album

  1. I remember very clearly the very first album I ever bought with my own money. I was…nine or ten I think and it was Styx’s “Pieces of Eight”…and I had to save up my allowance for WEEKs to get it. My mother refused to buy it for me because she didn’t approve of it or something. When your allowance is $.75 per week, an album is a huge investment

  2. Mustangannie73 says:

    Oh my that list brought back so many memories. Music is the soundtrack of our lives!

  3. katbcoll says:

    I have to laugh at myself. I had completely forgotten Shaun Cassidy ever sang and yet, I’d had a crush on him. Whoops.

  4. SLM says:

    I actually had a bad day today. Putting on my Guster and City and Colour playlist and calling it a day! I always enjoy your twitter chats 🙂

  5. gail lozinski says:

    Hi Sam, your so right…Music is Magical! The Best! My 1st 45…was YO-YO,Donny Osmond.Plus many many more..Ya music is Memories ,Good andBad! Love Music!

  6. Mo says:

    The first 45 I bought for myself was Andy Gibb, I Just Want To Be Your Everything. The first album I was given was Shaun Cassidy. The first album I loved was a well used hand-me-down from my much older brother when I was maybe in kindergarten… The Monkees. And actually, I still have all of them!

  7. risenshine22 says:

    I didn’t have a player for a long time – just recorded tapes from the radio, but Blondie was one of my favs too! And Suzie Quatro! My first single I bought was “Cuts like a Knife” by Bryan Adams – and only because of the title! thank you for the memories!

  8. Wow. What a list.
    I actually had the honor of meeting Donna Summer back in the early 80’s. She was an amazing woman.
    I don’t remember my first album, but I do remember raiding my mother’s 8 tracks. There, now you know how old I am, LOL. Cher- Gypsy Tramps and Thieves and the Beatles Abby Road.

  9. Sandra in NJ says:

    I think I was 8 years old – Elton John’s “Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy” and Boston’s “Boston”. Loved both! I used to sit and draw the album covers and sneak lyrics and my self portrait into them while I listened! Nerd that I am, I used to keep a dictionary by my records to look up any lyrics I didn’t know! hahah!

  10. Jenn says:

    This post is quite timely for me. I downloaded a bunch of songs from the late nineties/ early 2000’s yesterday and absolutely ROCKED out on the drive home from work and again on the way in this morning. Several times on the way home I was singing, laughing, and crying at the same time. (Good thing I have a long drive down a dirt road)

    Music is memory in auditory form. For me at least.

    Have a great day!

  11. Love the way you jog those memories caught in the back somewhere behind all the stuff from now. My one favorite song was Baker Street. I didn’t understand the meaning of the lyrics. I’d sit next to the speakers and listen whenever it was on the radio. I lthought it sounded dreamy and still a bit sad. I moved something in me. I was turned on to Pink Floyd when I was in the Army and stationed in Germany. Now they are my all time favorites. My favorite song is High Hopes. Music played a big role in my childhood. It’s something I shared with my best two girlfriends on a boring Saturday in rural North Carolina. We told each other our deepest secrets. Talked about the boys we crushed on. And we danced to our favorite beat.

  12. The first single I bought was I wanna sex you up (How embarrassing) The fist album bought was step by step NKOTB, my tastes have changed a lot over the years, may favourite album of all time is Hybrid Theory by Linkin park, it always makes my day a little better to hear it.

  13. kp says:

    Sorry so late to the game – I favorited that tweet to get back to it and life happened.
    First album was the soundtrack to Grease – still have it memorized. First 45 was Donny & Marie – Deep Purple. First concert: U2 – The Unforgettable Fire tour. Oddest: Nelson/Temple of the Dog (!). Best Surprise: Nelson – Members of BOSTON. Best: Loreena McKennitt tied with Jesse Cook Most Fun: Beach Boys/Moody Blues tied with Dick Dale
    Thanks for the blog/tweets about music/memories (half of my blog is devoted to just that) I loved reading the replies.
    AND Good Luck with School! I am debating doing that myself. It was great to hear someone our age talk about it.

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