sorry! got busy….

Hey gang,

Sorry about that. All of a sudden i got up to my eyeballs in work.

Just finished shooting a movie called Smart Cookies. Very cute. For the American Hallmark channel about girl scouts. I play the evil nemesis to Jessalyn Gilsig, who was wonderful. They all were. Worked with a bunch of 12-year-old girls. My ovaries thanked me for not having children, but they were lovely. We had some cruddy weather which was a challenge….we had to shoot on a riverbank for a couple of days in the pouring rain. That was pretty miserable but overall, a good time was had by all. No idea when it comes out but keep yer eyes and ears peeled for it.

The weather here has sucked. Big time. Six degrees (celcius) today and tons of rain. Even hail. We are supposed to be in spring by now but the weather gods are not cooperating. Which is especially frustrating because i have just planted this lovely garden and i can’t even get over to enjoy it. I think it’s supposed to get better this weekend. Feels like Peru was so long ago and i long for a week in the sun. My friend Sarah and I were supposed to go to Mexico a month ago but we both got busy….you know how that goes. Might go visit friends in LA. It’s a quick flight and i’m due. Haven’t been in a few years now.

I am back in summer semester at school. One more credit then i am off to UBC for my 3rd year. For those of you who don’t know, I am getting my psych degree. Sloooowly. I am working so can only do one or two courses at a time, but in time i will get my masters in psych. Doctorate? Maybe but that seems so far off at this point. Those of you in school, stay there! You need an education now a days….even to work at Starbucks everyone seems to want a degree. Do it. You won’t regret it. I wish i had gotten mine sooner.

Abby is well. she’s gaining weight but with the warmer weather (hopefully) coming, she’ll get outside and run around. She needs to burn off a few lbs. fat little girl!

Ok, kids. It wasn’t exciting but that is my update.

Hope yer well.



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5 Responses to sorry! got busy….

  1. Carolyn White says:

    I applaud your strive to keep working on getting your degree in psych. Then you can analyze all us crazy fans! Can’t wait to see Smart Cookies. And more.

  2. Sandra in NJ says:

    This inspires me. I am a pre-nursing major, meaning that I am not officially accepted into the clinical portion of the Nursing program yet. I won’t know until June or whenever the powers-that-be decide who is permitted to continue and who is not. Meanwhile, most people have sort of given me the crooked looks for going to school and being in my 40s. I have gotten a lot of criticism this week from a close family member and was feeling really discouraged, but reading your blog and having it (unexpectedly) actually say to stay in school was like a sign to me. Thank you, and good luck with your classes!

  3. Annie says:

    That is so cool that you are in school for psychology! Can never have enough education, I agree with you on that. Will look for “smart cookies” in my tv guide and see if hallmark channel will start showing previews. I hope it gets warm so that your garden starts growing some delish veggies! Good luck with your classes and your garden! (:

  4. SLM says:

    Can’t wait to see Smart Cookies. Who do we need to speak with to get Samantha Ferris her own TV show?!! Ever thought of doing stand-up? You are so funny and it seems to come so naturally. xoxo

  5. shollifield says:

    Awesome that you are going to school. I tried for Psych but too many doctors, theories etc to remember so instead BA in Communication with Masters in Computers but no Doctorate for me!. I bet you’re a joy to have in class. I now teach college now & the younger students can be difficult to deal with at times. My students range from 17-65. Good luck with your studies & will be looking for Smart Cookies,

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