so here we are…

Wheph. Finally got around to doing this. It took two seconds. Now I feel like a bit of a doof for taking so long. Ah, well.

Well, now that I’m here, feeling a bit of pressure to give you some good dirt. Hmmm….not too sure that I’ve got some good stuff at this point.

Let’s see…

Pilot season has started in LA which will effect us here in Vancouver. Read for one yesterday called The Cult. Not sure that went too well. Didn’t feel right. Oh well. There will be more. A bunch of them will shoot in Vancouver. Auditioned for Once Upon a Time last week. For the black Queen’s mother. It went well but they went older and with a big name, I think. Can’t remember who.

The movie I shot with Jessica Biel, THE TALL MAN, is screening around the globe right now. Just ran at some film festival in Berlin and it’s coming to SXSW in Austin. Dark, creepy movie. Go see it if you get a chance. We had a lot of fun shooting it. Although one scene left me black and blue with a sprained neck and a twisted ankle. THAT was not cool. I was really pissed at the director and the actor I was in the scene with for letting me get hurt that badly. It was an ugly scene.

I’m off to Peru! Doing this Shamanic healing retreat in the jungle. Very intense. You drink a juice from the Ayahuasca vine and go on a sort of ‘vision quest’. A bit of hallucinating and some throwing up, but apparently it allows you to go into your inner psyche and work on your spirit. Like a little recharge for the subconscious mind. Resets the soul. I’m psyched! Although the preparation is a pain in the ass: very restricted diet, no booze, no sex (?), and for the last week before you leave, no electronic anything. Phone, tv, internet….etc. I KNOW! Heavy duty. Lots of meditation. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Ok. That’s it for now. Just getting back into the blog thing.

Much love.


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27 Responses to so here we are…

  1. Lol, hallucination and vomiting sounds like a typical soul-searching Friday night ’round these parts. 😉 Happy to have you in the blogosphere!

  2. Candy says:

    I guess no electronics means no pictures of the jungle? Have a great time! With hopefully minimal throwing up!

  3. mimicreature says:

    I hope your cleansing goes well. I know how hard it can be, but it’s worth it. Don’t forget to ask for a secret about yourself when you start your quest. Something you never knew about you, or the world around you. The answer may amaze you. I’m glad you’re blogging. I think you’re a wonderful actresss and a fair human being;) from what I’ve seen. I look forward to your next post.

  4. @salyiha says:

    I would have LOVED to see you in Once Upon a Time! Pity they went for someone else. And how the hell can they let you get beat up that bad? What the hell.

    Good luck with your spirital tour … I wouldn’t survive without electronics for a day! LOL

  5. Trik_Ster says:

    hmm, a ritual with the word *tantric* in it sounds much more appealing to me

  6. matildakarlsson90 says:

    I know you would have done a great job on once upon a time, to bad you didn´t get it.
    God luck with your retreat. 🙂

    //Matilda Karlsson

  7. Pinkwood says:

    Wow! Peru sounds like it will be amazing! Just make sure you are well looked after while you are tripping balls and I hope you have an awesome experience 😀

  8. Tracy says:

    Good luck with Pilot season. It would be awesome to see you regularly on your own show. LOVED you on SPN!

    Careful with the Peru jungle juice though. I just watched a show clld ‘Drugs’ that taked about that stuff and it looked pretty scary….and questionable. Be Safe!

  9. Nic says:

    Are you going to be at the Austin screening? I’ll buy you a beer and we can do our own bit of hallucinating and throwing up. ;P

  10. Annie says:

    I hope your Peru trip goes well. The hallucinating stuff sounds interesting. Meditating is awesome, just take care of yourself and have fun. Booze is a hard thing to eliminate (&no s-e-x?). Whew. Just believe in yourself and let your mind roll. I hope we’ll see more of your rockin’ self on screen soon! Best wishes, Annie

  11. Robin says:

    Hope you enjoy your Peru trip, but you lost me with the combination of throwing up and hallucinating neither activities I particularly enjoy.

  12. Natalie Hughes says:

    Bummed about you not getting Once – you’d be awesome in it. Poo to them for going with someone older and a bigger name!

    Peru sounds AMAZING! Somewhat scary too, but I imagine a real experience. Look forward to hearing about how it went when you get back.

    Sorry to hear you got hurt. Bad Director and Actor!

  13. Annie says:

    I feel bad that the director and the actor let you get hurt while filming that scene. Shame on them. It’s always been taught in theater and other forms of acting that actors are supposed to respect other actors/directors and so forth and them the same. That sucks. It also sucks that you didn’t get the part for “Once Upon a Time”. You are way too talented and they should be on their hands and knees begging for you to work for them (‘Cause they are missing out on one Kick Ass Good actress!). It is totally their loss, girl. Keep your head held high and don’t let the buggers get you down! Keep staying original and genuine, the fans notice the work you are putting out there, and man, it’s REAL good stuff.

  14. Janna says:

    Hope the Peru trip is rewarding for you. My mom moved to Cuzco when I was 16 and studied to become a shaman. Many ayahuasca rituals. Oh, the stories she told me.

  15. Trik_Ster says:

    In celebration of Sam’s new blog I would like to say:
    *Sammy Sammy Bo Fanny
    Banna Ramma Fo Fanny
    Fe Fi Fo Ramy

    Please take it in the spirit it is given

    • samferris says:

      DUDE…get it right….
      sammy sammy bo bammy,
      finanafana fo fammy,
      ma, mi, my, mo, mammy….

      • Trik_Ster says:

        your right
        and i appoligize

        but (ain’t there always a but)

        in the future would you please refere to me a either d00d or dewd
        because there is only one The Dude
        and while we are very similar
        in that…
        we share a sense of wardrobe
        and have the same lack of a barber in our lives

        I just don’t enjoy bowling all that much

        and don’t feel worthy of pissing on his rug

        There is only One The Dude(tm)

  16. Trik_Ster says:

    That;s one hell of a tongue lady
    Although your hair is a bit more straw colored that I remember
    Would have liked to see your eyes
    (that may just me)

    As for the beatin you took in a recent project,
    Sometimes directors push actors to the breaking point to get the performance that they know is there
    Not saying this the was case, wasn’t there
    but do you feel you turned in a better performance
    Did it help the film
    did it make you stand out

    Would you like us to lean on the director?

    I mean what’s a director without his accoutrements
    Weather it’s a riding crop or a cane….

  17. Ñao says:

    I watch Once Upon a Time and I have to say it’s their lost, I would’ve loved to see you playing the evil queens mother! But everything happens for a reason so, something better must be around the corner.

    Have an awesome time in Perú and I hope you have time to visit that long and beautiful country south from there, Chile!!


  18. Chrisie says:

    So glad you’re blogging again Sam! I’ve missed your wit! 🙂

  19. casness says:

    The retreat sounds interesting. Let us know how it goes! Aside from throwing up and hallucinating, I would be up for it as well.

    I hope to see you on another show soon. I miss you on Supernatural 🙂

  20. Joanna_Nani says:

    Let us know how that retreat in p

  21. Laurie Collins says:

    Your first blog, my first to follow…very cool.

    I have wanted to do that trip you’re talking about for years. The one time I had the money, I ended up taking my daughter to Las Vegas instead. I regret that choice! I’ve heard that drinking ayuasca is to the human body what a hard drive reset is to a computer. It has even cured depression. I would really love to hear as much as you want to tell about your experience.

    And, you are way too young to play the Black Queen’s mother!

    • samferris says:

      Don’t ever regret a trip to Vegas. Are you kidding me? Some of my best times have been there. Really. The Ayahuasca retreat thing is a totally different thing all together. TOTALLY. No screwing around here. I’m psyched but there is a lot of work and commitment involved. When you have the time and the money, i suggest you look into it. I have heard it changes lives. You have obviously heard the same thing. I’ll let you know how it goes.

      • Trik_Ster says:

        Hey! I’d take a trip to vegas with you (your dime of course) (I am accustomed to being a kept man after all)

        but (there’s always a but ain’t there)

        You be careful down there
        That’s a part of the world where kidnapping is big business
        and many don’t bother to differentiate between Canadian and USA’IAN
        You’re just a North Americano (sp?)
        All they’ll care about is that you’ve been in movies and on TV and therefore must be a gazillionaire

        I’d feel much better if you sprung for a trip for you and I to vegas
        You put on a slinky dress
        You drink enough vodka to reach whatever cosmic state that other drug is supposed to achieve
        (minus the barffing part)
        We dance the dance of life
        we head back to your room
        Where at the door you thank me for a nice night of dancing and tell me how I’m a *nice guy* and how you’d like to *be friends*


        I head back to my room
        Scream *ARGH*
        Take a cold shower until vegas throws me out for using up all their water

        at least then we’d know your safe

      • Gee…I like you. And your idea. What do ya think, Sam? From one USA’IAN to another, sounds like a plan.

  22. Miss you from Supernatural but glad to see you are blogging again. Thanks and keep it up.

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